Samsung might sell transparent AMOLED laptop in next 12 months

Some of the benefits of an OLED screen are very appealing. OLED screens are thinner, promise better colors, and consumer less power. OLEDs are common in high-end phones today thanks to their power sipping designs that allow for better battery life.

A while back Samsung showed off a 14-inch notebook that used a transparent OLED screen. Reports are coming in that Samsung is actually planning to release the laptop complete with the snazzy transparent screen in the next 12 months. I'm not sure I would like a screen I could see through, it seems like a clear screen would be hard to look at in a bright room.

Samsung is also said to be looking to corner the transparent screen market with several new products coming with see-through displays in the next year. Supposedly, the firm is even considering breaking into new product categories with the clear screen tech including a rumor of a transparent screen navigation device for cars that can be mounted to the windshield.