Samsung memory ads lampoon lag (but do they swipe at Apple too?)

Samsung's advertising team is at it again, this time coming up with some would-be virals pushing the company's memory, but already the firm finds itself at the point end of Apple-bashing accusations. The trio of clips focus on the frustrations caused by memory bottlenecks: freezing, batteries draining in short order, and persistent loading balls. It's the latter, though, that has market watchers questioning who, exactly, Samsung's target is.

The company's choice of a spinning ball to illustrate computer and tablet freezing, so it's suggested, indicates this is a mild swipe at Apple's famed beachball. The two icons – Samsung's ad creation and Apple's official one – aren't exactly identical, mind, but both are colorful spinning blobs and look significantly different to Windows' "working" ring.

Of course, Apple has already woken up to the benefits of Samsung memory – some (though not all, as Apple mixes memory from multiple suppliers) of the iPhone 4S handsets out there use Samsung RAM, as do other devices from the company's range. In fact, Samsung is one of Apple's biggest component suppliers.

More important, arguably, is whether the adverts themselves are any good. We'd say they're certainly better than some of Samsung's other recent attempts, though we're not sure most shoppers care – or know – enough about hardware to question what memory is inside their latest gadget toy.

"Meet Loading Ball Larry"

"Meet Fiona Freeze"

"Meet Battery Brutus"

[via TNW]