Samsung makes phone part prices public (for repairs)

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Now that some phones have broken the $1k price mark without breaking a sweat, Samsung's jumped aboard the up-front repair bandwagon. The company's begun showing prices of individual components (for repair) to the public. They're not necessarily available to everyone, and it's not like you'll be buying these to re-sell on eBay, but here they are nonetheless – out there for all to glance upon.

When your car's taillight goes out, do you usually go buy a new car, or do you buy a new lightbulb? Samsung seems to have taken the initiative in India with a mobile phone parts sales office in India – through an online storefront. There you can buy parts from a wide variety of phones, everything from Galaxy A to Galaxy On – and the Galaxy Note, too!

UPDATE: To further clarify, it would appear that the public-facing page for this service is mainly for reference for local Indian repair shops and Service Centers. The site notes that "actual price for specific model will be confirmed by Service Center at the time of repair." So this is really only in place to give customers a rough idea of what they'd be paying in an ideal world.

This service center operation point serves India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. Service centers in India aim to "help you with anything" with your smartphone "from a cracked screen to transferring data." This is a little different from how service is performed in the USA, where similar services are accessed through mobile data carriers.

Now, if only they'd be so forward-thinking as to sell their parts piecemeal like Motorola started doing back in October of 2018. Would that be nice? Wouldn't it be cool if we could buy all the components we wanted, one at a time... to make a Frankenstein's Monster out of parts?! That'd be a real terror.

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