Samsung Launched 3D-Ready Plasma in Korea with million-to-one Contrast Ratio

Daniel Lim - Feb 28, 2008

Samsung has launched its 3D Ready Plasma TV Cannes 450 in Korean Market. Like TI DLP-3D Dualview technology, the Samsung PAVV Cannes 450 is just another 3D Ready display that requires particular glasses, software or hardware to support 3D content. But for Samsung, the Cannes 450 is industry first Plasma TV with 3D capability and has a whooping 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio rating.

But the celebration doesn’t end there. The leading-edge innovation has secured a partnership with the World’s largest gaming provider, Electronic Arts aka EA to provide compatible gaming content according to the Korean Times.

The 50-inch Cannes 450 is priced at 2,500,000 won ($2643 USD) and a full HD version Cannes 550 is expected to launch later at & 3,900,000 won ($4123 USD). The Cannes 450 will ship with glasses and compatible PC application to simulate games and videos in 3D. We don’t know if they will make it to U.S market but the 3D-Ready Plasma has made its first appearance at CES 2008 (video below via futureshopca). If you ask me, any display uses goggles for 3D experience is a throbbing migrant headache waiting to explode.

[via aving]

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