Samsung KNOX gets fit for government use in China, France

Along with the enterprise, mobile device and platform makers have always set their eyes on government certification and accreditation. For one, the public sector usually purchases devices in bulk or at least in groups, making them somewhat a lucrative customer. For another, an official thumbs up from governments boosts confidence in the brand. Samsung KNOX, the Korean OEM's official mobile security platform, received just that not from one but two countries, in France and China. Naturally, Samsung is only too happy to boast about how secure KNOX and, by extension, its devices really are.

Samsung KNOX Workspace 2.3 is the specific version that underwent French and Chinese government scrutiny in this case. The devices that were used were the most recent Samsung flagships, the Galaxy S6 edge+ and the Galaxy Note 5. In essence, this means that both devices could be allowed for use by government employees and public sector workers in their official capacity as such.

Both France's National Agency of Computer Security (ANSSI) and China's Information Security Certification Center (ISCCC) gave their seal of approval for these two smartphones. The Chinese certification is probably an interesting one, as that particular government has very stringent security requirements, especially when it comes to the possibility of pilfering state secrets through devices from foreign companies.

Android enterprise security solutions have been on the rise lately, with manufacturers and Google itself pushing for more Android visibility in the workplace. Samsung KNOX has been the OEMs entry into that race, trying to wrest the crown away from enterprise darling BlackBerry while the latter was still down on the ground. The launch of the BlackBerry PRIV, the Canadian company's first full Android smartphone, means, however, that it is still very much in the running and is ready to give its own spin on Android in the enterprise.

SOURCE: Samsung