Samsung Introduces New GDDR4

Samsung has announced new GDDR4 memory that is able to handle up to 4GB/s at 2.0Ghz making it the fastest GDDR4 memory to date. Samsung's latest GDDR4 memory increases performance over 66 percent compared to GDDR3.

Previous generation GDDR4 would only handle up to 2.4GB/s. With changes to 80nm manufacturing process, Samsung managed to improve its GDDR4 memory speed. The new GDDR4 will be available in 512MB density with 32-bit data bus configuration and uses JEDEC-approved standards for signal noise reduction to help attain the highest possible speed.

"Our new GDDR4 memory will add even more zip in video applications, making gaming, computer-aided design and video editing faster than ever before," said Mueez Deen, marketing director, graphics memory, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc. "This will enable ultra-smooth movements in animation and make games incredibly realistic, resulting in a truly immersive user experience," he added.

Thanks Tara!