Samsung Internet Browser Now Works With Other Wear OS Smartwatches

Samsung's entry into the Wear OS world helped reinvigorate Google's wearable platform, especially as it was timed with the launch of Wear OS 3. The situation is hardly perfect, though, since there is still no other smartwatch running the least Wear OS version other than Samsung's Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. There is also the matter of Samsung's Tizen apps coming to Wear OS while remaining exclusive to Samsung, though that might not remain true for long if the company's Internet browser smartwatch app is any indication.

Samsung's smartwatches have long had an Internet browser app, whether or not that actually made sense. Those upgrading to the new Galaxy Watch 4 series from older Samsung smartwatches, however, might have been forced to bid farewell to that tool, but it was only a temporary separation. Last month, Samsung ported that Internet browser to Wear OS but, as expected, it was exclusive to the Galaxy Watch 4 pair.

It seems that this situation was also temporary. A few owners of other Wear OS brands have started reporting that the app is now available for their smartwatch as well. These include the OPPO Watch, the Fossil Gen 5, and even the Casio WSD-F30, all of which run only Wear OS 2.

Although it's too early to celebrate, this is hopefully just the start of a new movement from Samsung. The company has recently been moving its apps to Wear OS, including a walkie-talkie app, but those remain compatible only with Samsung's first Wear OS devices. Hopefully, Samsung will eventually make those compatible with all Wear OS smartwatches, even if it means a brief period of exclusivity at first.

That said, having a tiny web browser on your wrist isn't exactly the most comfortable way to view the Web. Samsung Internet for smartwatches doesn't exactly make it more convenient either. It does, at least, offer a quick way to view pages, especially when those have to be opened from some other smartwatch app, and might be better than having to pull out your phone just for a quick peek.