Samsung Instinct S30 Unboxing

Officially announced at CTIA in March, the Samsung Instinct S30 was released for the public yesterday. We were sent a phone to test out, and we thought you'd like to see the unboxing and first impressions of it. You know you love seeing shiny new gadgets unwrapped.

The Instinct was Sprint's most popular device last year, so it's natural that they'd bring on a follow-up. The S30 makes a few big changes and a few small ones. The biggest-small change is the screen size, changing from 3.1" to 3.2" of resistive touchscreen goodness. The form factor is different, incorporating rounded edges and a slimmer profile. The color addition is nice. Black is the new beige after all. The microSD card slot supports up to 16GB of music now instead of the 8GB that the previous generation Instinct did.

Other small changes are open API's for developers to make better applications for the Instinct that can take advantage of GPS and whatnot (it's a little late in the game for that, but whatever). The phone also includes all of the java based applications that every user wants: Opera Mini and the Sprint Instant Messenger program and some other games and applications. Other than that, there's nothing different about this phone at all. The menus are all the same, and the screen is just as responsive as before. I'll get a full review up soon, though I have a feeling it'll be just like using my current Instinct (which is pleasant enough mind you).

Here's the unboxing video for you to enjoy!

[vms 46cb5436a10798e657d9]