Samsung i900 and U900 Soul live from Spain

James Allan Brady - Feb 10, 2008

Samsung’s latest and greatest coming at you from Barcelona, Vince finally got some hands on time with the i900 and a phone we haven’t seen before, the U900 Soul. The i900 is supposed to be the slimmer, keyboard-free cousin of the F700v or “Croix”, the U900 on the other hand is completely new.

I am assuming from the U prefacing the model number that the U900 is part of Samsungs coveted Ultimate Edition line of mobile devices, so you know its bound to be great. But here are the specs we have for the device thus far, it has a small secondary touch-screen below the main screen, a slide out keypad, a 5MP camera, and 7.2Mbps HSDPA, Vincent likes it, and thinks that provided it hits North American shores it’ll be Samsung’s second biggest hit, next to the i900.

The i900 is literally the Croix with a 5MP camera and the lack of the keyboard. It has the full touch-screen and the same OS as the Croix, albeit hopefully with some bug fixes as I’ve heard there were some issues with the F700v’s OS. More to come, and as always, stay tuned to PhoneMag.

[i900 and U900 via PhoneMag]

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