Samsung HMX-W200 rugged Full HD camcorder didn't get the Flip memo

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Cisco may be ditching Flip, but that doesn't mean other manufacturers aren't keen to put out point-and-shoot HD camcorders. Samsung's HMX-W200 is the latest, a Full HD capable camera with a shock, water, dust and general-mistreatment resilient casing. Packing a 5-megapixel CMOS sensor, the W200 has an anti-water coating on its 2.3-inch 230k dot preview display, which Samsung reckons will prevent it from misting up with condensation.

Handy for a sauna, though most of the time you're probably not allowed to film in there anyway. Other specs include still shooting with autofocus and an F2.2 lens, digital image stabilization and microSD/SDHC for storage. The 1,300mAh battery is apparently good for up to 2hrs of continuous use, and it'll withstand 3m submersion in water or 2m drops.

A flip-out USB plug makes for easy offloading of your footage, and while you could obviously then spend time post-processing it, the W200 itself allows you to momentarily pause recording (without then starting a new file) as well as offering a couple of video effects (including an "extreme sports" style fish-eye setting). The Samsung HMX-W200 will go on sale in May, priced at $159.

Press Release:

Samsung Introduces Multi-Proof W200 Pocket Cam for Full HD Filming Anywhere

The ideal vacation pocket cam features the best in imaging technology and specialized underwater features for great video anywhere

SEOUL, Korea – April 20, 2011 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, has announced the launch of its W200 Pocket Cam. The W200 is designed so it can be taken anywhere to capture brilliant video in the toughest conditions, particularly underwater, thanks to features such as a 5 megapixel BSI CMOS sensor and F2.2 Bright Lens. Created for those whose active lifestyles demand both durability and quality, it houses Samsung's leading imaging technology in a shock, water and dust-proof rugged body.

The W200 is built to withstand the elements to produce high-quality video in almost any circumstance and thanks to specialized functions, it makes brilliant underwater video easier to achieve than ever. It is waterproof up to three meters, making it suitable for great video of a relaxed day by the pool or even up-close shots of coral reefs. The W200's anti-water drop coating also means that the LCD screen will stay free of condensation, even in damp conditions, so you can film without wiping the screen. The lens also features anti-fog coating that lets steam disperse so you always have clear, blur-free videos and pictures even straight after coming out of the pool. To make capturing amazing underwater footage simple, the W200 also includes an Aqua Mode setting, which automatically sets the ideal parameters for the bright and clear underwater video. Despite being slim and compact, it is also shock-proof and dust-proof and so is the perfect addition to a backpack for any trip and robust enough for worry-free family vacations with young children. Because the W200 is designed to be taken anywhere, it also comes with a built-in USB arm to make it easy to share your adventure.

Innovative Samsung technology ensures that filming on-the-go never means a loss of image quality or brightness. The W200 is built with a 5-megapixel BSI (Back Side Illuminated) CMOS sensor, which delivers double the sensitivity of previous CMOS sensors, capturing footage with dramatically reduced image noise and distortion. Along with this, the W200 includes a bright F2.2 lens to give users the ability to shoot during low-light conditions for stunningly clear, sharp, blur-free images. The camcorder shoots in Full HD resolution to let you capture every moment in rich, dynamic detail and displays your video on a 2.3" 230K clear pixel LCD screen.

In addition to delivering high-quality video, the W200 makes it easy to both manage your video files and be creative with them too. With Samsung's Record Pause feature, users can pause briefly during filming and then resume from the exact same moment. When filming is complete, footage will all be in the same file, removing the need to merge them and making uploading and sharing hassle-free. To have more fun with filming, whether at the waterpark, on a rollercoaster or just capturing a special family moment, the W200 has two special Smart Filter features. Vignetting allows users to fade the edges of shots and the Fish-Eye setting creates an arty, distorted feel for unique and interesting footage.

"The W200 is the ideal Pocket Cam for anyone who wants to experience life to the fullest and share those experiences with friends and family," said Mr. Hyunho Chung, Executive Vice President and Head of the Digital Imaging Business, Samsung Electronics. "It's tough enough for filming a backpacking trip or vacation with small children, and light enough to carry around with you every day, so that you never miss a moment. We've used the latest in Samsung technology to make sure that you're able to capture a faithful memory of your experiences, wherever you go. The W200 is the Pocket Cam that you'd never want to leave at home – it's reliable and easy to use, whatever adventure you're setting out on."