Samsung HDDs reach 1TB per platter; dawn of 4TB HDDs is here

When it comes to storage for computers and other devices that use HDDs more capacity is much better for some applications. The HDD industry is marching forward and it wasn't too long ago that 3TB was just hitting the market and some people were probably boasting that you would never need that much storage space. This is the same thing the guy that sold me my first computer as a kid said about the tiny HDD measured in tens of megabytes.

Samsung is marching on and has made those 3TB HDDs look downright small with a new breakthrough in areal density with the ability to cram 1TB of data on a single platter. This new tech means that we can see 1TB single platter HDDs on the thin side of things and on full size HDDs 4TB storage will be coming soon.

Samsung was mum on when we might see the 4TB HDDs shipped, but I would bet it would be this year. The 4TB storage drives will fit into the Samsung EcoGreen series and will be 5400rpm offerings with 32MB of cache and 6Gbps SATA interfaces. Samsung also offered up a very interesting little tidbit stating that the tech it used would allow for 10TB drives with a bit of modification.

[via Electronista]