Samsung has a stretchable display it will show off soon

Forget foldable or even rollable displays. Stretchable screens are the future! OK, that might be a bit of a stretch, but this type of display moves us closer to the holy grail of deformable devices. Unsurprisingly, Samsung says it has something like that and it will be giving the world a sneak peek later this week. Of course, it has had flexible and foldable screens for quite a while now. Creating a consumer device out of those, however, is a different story.

While flexible displays are more than possible already, those don't exactly deform the surface of the screen or at the very least still keep the same properties, like surface area, for example. A stretchable screen, however, definitely ups the ante by allowing the screen to take on any form. Well, almost any form.

Samsung says its display can be stretched up to 12 millimeters when pressed while retaining its high resolution. That's not much really, but the technology is young. Unlike flexible panels, this stretchable screen can be bent in two directions rather than just one.

Before you get too excited over it, it's unlikely to be found in any mobile device any time soon. Instead, this type of screen might be targeted more at smart appliances. Of course, eventually it could give form to the flexible tablets and phones of the future.

SOURCE: Yonhap News