Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 could actually be affordable

In the year 2021, you might actually be able to afford a "foldable" smartphone. That's a smartphone with a display that folds, not just a classic flip-phone. Reports today suggest that the next Samsung foldable smartphone, likely called Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, could be the winner in Samsung's 2021 foldable smartphone strategy – with a price that the average smartphone buyer would consider realistic.

The suggestion comes from an industry report from DSCC, Display Supply Chain Consultants, a group that's generally in-the-know when it comes to one of the most important components of any smartphone: the screen. With a significantly less-expensive Samsung Galaxy foldable smartphone on the market, buyers may consider upgrading in the years to come – allowing inroads for the masses.

As noted by SamMobile, a cheaper Galaxy Z foldable smartphone doesn't mean Samsung will stop advancing the rest of the line. Slimmer devices, lighter devices (can they get lighter?) and foldable devices with smaller bezels are still being readied for launch in the year 2021.

If, after this pandemic is over, you walked in to your local mobile data carrier and saw a foldable display smartphone for less than $1000 USD, would you consider it a realistic option for your next big buy? Or is it not a question of price, but of need? Does anyone really need a foldable display in the first place?

Take a peek at the timeline of links below to explore other recent updates in the foldable realm. See what you think about Samsung's otherwise most recent releases, and see what you think about the state of the technology at the moment. Have you considered a foldable display device before? If you had the choice between a display of one size that could fold up, or that same size that remained flat – what would you do?