Samsung Galaxy tablet ban remains in Germany until at least September 9

Samsung and Apple are still fighting it out in Europe over the Galaxy Tablet and other Samsung smartphones. Apple claims Samsung is copying its gear and Samsung denies the fact. Samsung had asked German courts of a ruling on the Galaxy tablet ban ahead of IFA kicking off next week. That ruling will not come.

The German court has left the ban in place until at least September 9. At that point, Samsung may get the ruling on whether or not it can sell the Galaxy tablet line inside the country, a loss will prove very costly for Samsung since it would mean damages and licensing fees paid to Apple. Samsung can't be happy about the ban keeping it out of IFA, which is one of the largest tech shows in Europe.

The judge on the case has stated that there are overarching similarities between the two tablets. Apple has long maintaining that Samsung "slavishly" copies its products. Samsung still denies that. Samsung recently saw its Galaxy smartphones banned in Europe as well.

[via Android Community]