Samsung Galaxy Tab gets video unboxing

Chris Davies - Oct 14, 2010, 6:06am CDT
Samsung Galaxy Tab gets video unboxing

Consider us suitably jealous; while most countries are still waiting to hear even some official pricing from Samsung, would-be German tableteers can already buy the 7-inch Galaxy Tab slate.  Carrypad is one of the first on the scene with an unboxing video and hands-on demo.

Video after the cut

There’s not a huge amount in the box with the Tab itself: you get an AC adapter, with interchangeable power tips for international use, and a USB sync/charge cable.  Finally there’s a wired stereo hands-free kit and some basic documentation.  Samsung obviously have a lot of their own accessories, such as the keyboard dock, HDMI dock and Bluetooth stylus, but you’ll have to pick those up separately.

The US versions of the Galaxy Tab – which are headed to Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon – are still yet to get an official launch date, though rumors peg them at around mid-November.  Meanwhile the UK version is due on November 1st, and expected to cost around £599 contract-free or £199 subsidized.

[via Android Community]

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