Samsung Galaxy Tab CDMA tested in wild again; official accessories outed

It's starting to feel like everybody has a Samsung Galaxy Tab but us, though hopefully that will change shortly after IFA 2010 next week.  The 7-inch slate has now shown up in Israel, complete with a CDMA radio, supposedly in the hands of a security app developer there.  Meanwhile, details on the Samsung Galaxy Tab's accessories have been spotted, including a QWERTY keyboard dock and Table Charging Station complete with HDMI connectivity.

According to the lucky app developer, the Samsung slate is fast and a serious iPad contender, with slick Flash playback on the Android 2.2 OS installed, together with strong audio performance (they had to use their own CDMA network equipment, since this seems to be a Galaxy Tab headed to the North American market and, from what we've heard, Verizon specifically).  Only blot on the scorecard is GPS that is apparently sluggish initially, though after it locks it apparently works fine.

As for the accessories, an iPad-style carry case which doubles as a stand for watching videos will supposedly be €41 ($52), the Table Charging Station will be €54 ($69) and the 83-key keyboard dock will be €82 ($105).  There are also various cables and adapters.

[via Android Community and via Gadgety]