Samsung Galaxy Tab Ban Appeal Set For August 25 In Germany

Apple and Samsung have been tied up in a legal fight in the US, Europe, and other countries for a while now over Apple's allegations that the Samsung Galaxy Tab "slavishly" copies the iPad. Apple also thinks that Samsung is copying other products it produces as well. The fight between Apple and Samsung in Europe saw a ban placed on the selling of the Galaxy Tab. Samsung has a court date set to appeal the ban.

Samsung and Apple will meet in a German court on August 25. The date will see Samsung trying to convince the court that it's not copying Apple and that courts should allow the Galaxy Tab line to start being sold in Europe again. The decision is expected to come a few weeks after the court date. Apple is also seeking to ban the import and sale of the Galaxy Tab in the Netherlands too.

Apple filed an injunction at a court in The Hague alleging three different patent, copyright, and design infringements against Samsung. Apple is seeking to get the Galaxy Tab line banned from the Netherlands too. Judge Edgar Brinkman is presiding over that case and has said the decision would come by September 15.

[via Android Community]