Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 2021 leaked with flatness

Today the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 2021 leaked in imagery that indicate the party isn't over. The most recent several rounds of Samsung Galaxy Tab devices have been top-quality Android tablets when the rest of the industry has lagged behind. With the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8, likely ready for release in 2021, we have another 10.4-inch low-cost, high value monster from the smart device maker.

This new device looks very similar to the most recent Samsung Galaxy Tab A7, with the flat edges and the premium look without the highest-tier features that'd make the cost skyrocket. This will almost certainly be somewhere in the $230 range at launch, though we've not yet heard any information from Samsung on the official release date or pricing. This price is based entirely on the original price of the Galaxy Tab A7 as it was released around this time in the year 2020.

If what we know about the Galaxy Tab A7 remains true about the Galaxy Tab A8, this is could to be a surprisingly decent value for the cash. If you take a peek at our Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Review you'll see high marks for battery life and hardware quality, but low marks for potential longevity.

It is surprising that, as Samsung flattened the edges of the tablet further, they didn't also make the bezels retract a bit year-over-year. There's something to be said for equal-weight edges around a display, and Samsung seems to have skipped that bit once again. It'll be interesting to see if Samsung decides here to include S Pen sensitivity too – it could be!

Imagery above comes from OnLeaks and 91Mobiles, who show the device in advance of release with imagery based on insider data. This will very likely be effectively the look of the device, give or take a few details before launch. It'll also likely be that Samsung releases the device in a few different colors – but we shall see!