Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with 3G hits FCC headed for AT&T

Shane McGlaun - Jun 20, 2011
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with 3G hits FCC headed for AT&T

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet sounds really cool and is one of the tablet that a lot of people in the market are looking to as an alternative to the people iPad 2 tablet that is selling so well. The Tab 10.1 in WiFi only flavor is set to hit stores today nationwide for people that want one to pick up. If you are holding out until a Tab 10.1 with integrated 3G connectivity lands so you can get online wherever you may go your wait may not be that long. A new version of the Galaxy Tab has hit the FCC and it is packing in 3G connectivity.

The information that the FCC has posted shows that the new version of the Tab is model GT-P7500 and pack in hardware supporting the GSM 850 and 1900 bands along with the WCDMA UMTS bands II and V. If you follow wireless tech much you will note that those are the bands that AT&T uses here in the US marking this new version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 for AT&T. There is no word on when exactly the new tablet will turn up on AT&T but often the FCC approvals needed are the final hurdle to be cleared on the way to store shelves.

So far, there is no official statement from AT&T on when the tablet will come or how much it will cost. Generally, we see 3G tablets going for $100 more than the WiFi only versions. Other than the 3G hardware, we can expect the new version to have the same 10.1-inch touchscreen, Android 3.1 OS, and presumably the same 16GB or 32GB flavors. The 16GB WiFi only version sells for $499 and the 32GB WiFi only is $599. If I had to guess, I’d peg the 3G versions at $599 and $699 respectively.

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