Samsung Galaxy Surfboard is one of a kind

Samsung has created a smart surfboard and it's powered, in part, by a Samsung smartphone. The company showcased the surfboard in a new video, demonstrating it and its various connected features in action with professional surfer Gabriel Medina. Before getting your hopes up, know this — you can't buy one, and there may only be one in existence, as it was made specifically for Medina so that he can better communicate with his coach while on the water.

The Galaxy Surfboard was showcased by Samsung Mobile Brasil in the very-wide-angle video below. The board has a slot into which a Samsung phone is inserted — probably the S7 — and an integrated display on the upper surface. The display allows Medina's coach to send him brief messages that he'll see when he looks down at his feet.

The board can be used 100m from the shore, or farther, without losing its connection to the surfer's coach. Beneath the message display are some icons that provide snippets of relevant information: current sea conditions, wave frequency and height, wind directions, and such.

We won't be seeing one of these hitting the market, at least not for the casual user, as Samsung says it is "in no way...intended for amateur surfing or for leisure activities." Perhaps the video will inspire some other company to swipe the idea and create its own commercial version.