Samsung Galaxy Sanitizing Service offers to keep phones free of COVID-19

A lot of care is being taken in protecting ourselves from the COVID-19 coronavirus and most of it involves keeping hands clean and avoiding crowded places. Until lately, however, few have minded how our precious electronic companions can actually be at risk and put us at risk as well. Caring for phones, however, is not as simple as using the same disinfecting liquids we use on ourselves, which is why Samsung is quickly setting up service centers that aim to safely clean phones without even using any substance.

Some people might immediately think that the same substances we use to disinfect our hands will be effective in keeping phones clean. Technically that may be the case but they also harm the sensitive component and materials of our phones. Some manufacturers have issued warnings and tips on how to keep their phones clean but Samsung isn't taking any chances.

It has set up what it calls "Galaxy Sanitizing Service" centers in some countries, 19 as of this writing, to offer to clean Galaxy phones for free. Instead of physical substances, it uses ultraviolet light, specifically UV-C to kill some viruses and bacteria. All without affecting the performance or integrity of the phone, it promises.

The service is currently available only in Argentina, Chile, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, United States, Ukraine, and Vietnam. It is going to expand to more countries soon but there is no word on when that will take place. According to a Malaysian Samsung support page, even non-Samsung phones are welcome for a free cleaning.

Just a cautionary note to our dear readers, not all ultraviolet light is safe for phones and even Samsung cautions that UV-C may not be completely effective against all bacteria and viruses, including the coronavirus. Users are advised to still take caution in how they clean their phones and to only follow official instructions from manufacturers and experts.