Your Samsung Galaxy phone probably needs an update

Chris Burns - Oct 19, 2018, 12:06 pm CDT
Your Samsung Galaxy phone probably needs an update

Software delivered to your Android (Samsung Galaxy in this case) smartphone can be confusing – so today we’re breaking down what’s most recent to your device. This set of updates includes a Samsung Galaxy S7 October security patch update, an October 20th security patch for the Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy Note 8 security patch update, Galaxy S9 security patch update, and a Galaxy S9 Android Pie beta program for good measure. There’s a Galaxy J7, J7 Prime, Galaxy A7, and Galaxy A8 update in the mix as well.

Galaxy S9 Updates

Several days ago the Samsung Galaxy S9 got a software update that brought about some frontside camera improvements. This same update brought the official October 2018 Security Patch to the Samsung Galaxy S9. This same update was released for the Galaxy S9 Plus at the same time. This update can be found by heading to Settings, scrolling down to the bottom of the list to System Updates, and tapping in to check.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Android 9 Pie Beta Program is likely to start soon – if it’s not already shipped by the time this article is published. To become part of this program, you’ll need to find the Galaxy Apps app. Inside this app, you’ll want to search for Galaxy Beta Program, and download. And go from there!

Galaxy A7 (2017) and Galaxy A8 (2018) Updates

Both the Galaxy A7 (2017) and Galaxy A8 (2018) received respective updates for the official October security patch. These updates can be attained on the phones by heading to Settings and scrolling all the way to the bottom of the list to System Updates. This button leads to a check for the updates at hand – and they’re important, so don’t hesitate to download!

Galaxy J7 (2016) and Galaxy J7 Prime Update

The India versions of the Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) and J7 Prime received their October security update patches earlier this week. If you somehow own a Galaxy J7 from the year 2016 and live outside India, you might also want to check, but we’re not 100% solid on whether there’ll be an update waiting for you just yet.

Galaxy J3 Eclipse

The Verizon-based Samsung Galaxy J3 Eclipse received its first glimpse of an update to a new version of Android about a week before this article was published. This update brings all Samsung Galaxy J3 Eclipse users (on Verizon) up to Android 8.0 Oreo. At last, the tastiest of extreme-sugar cookies can be yours!

Galaxy Note 9

The Galaxy Note 9 received an update about a week ago to improve the quality of its back-facing camera, BUT, it didn’t do much. This is because the update was almost identical to that of the update that came days before – with a new build number. How strange!

Like the Galaxy S9, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 might, MIGHT, be getting access to the Android 9 Pie Beta Program soon. To attain access to Pie early, your first step might well be getting access to that Beta Program. Open your Galaxy Apps app and search for Galaxy Beta Program – and go for it!

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