Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge promo image leaked

JC Torres - Feb 27, 2015, 4:30am CST
Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge promo image leaked

It’s just a few days before Samsung finally reveals what it really has in mind for the sixth generation of its Galaxy S flagship. And while we’ve had up to here with leaks, rumors, and official teasers, it wouldn’t hurt to have one more right? This new image of the two smartphones, or at least half of them, are supposedly the real deal because they come from a “verified employee” of a mobile carrier. Of course, these days, almost anyone can claim that.

If the leaked photos of both the Galaxy S6 and its curved edge sibling are true, then we’ve pretty much gotten a close look at what the smartphones would look like. That seems to match the appearance of the smartphones depicted in this promo picture for the carrier’s subscribers. Of course, we can’t take a 360-degree look at the photos, so we can only presume that if the top and front match, the rest would too.

That said, there are two things that this latest leak confirm or confuse. The first is the name of the curved variant, the Galaxy S6 Edge. There was a very brief rumor that the smartphone would be named differently and take after the Galaxy Note Edge, ditching the number. It would be named, according to that source, as the Galaxy S Dual Edge. Based on this, it just isn’t so.

Secondly, it confirms one disappointing revelation about that smartphone. It’s edges are indeed too narrow and less curved that it wouldn’t be able to fit the custom interface that Samsung was flaunting with the Galaxy Note Edge. If this is true, then Samsung might have already lost the interest and support of many who are waiting to see if curved edges, on both sides, really do have a place in their digital lives.

Then again, this image could very well have been faked. It seems that some companies are wising up and are purposely misleading the audience with purposely leaked fakes. It’s all smoke and mirrors until the unveiling next week at MWC 2015.

VIA: Android Police

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