Samsung Galaxy S6 abused for science

We all want to know how well the gadgets that we purchase are going to survive in our daily lives. The last thing we all want is to buy a device for hundreds of dollars that ends up falling apart on us. A YouTube test of the Galaxy S6 has turned up that takes a look at how strong the smartphone is in some very intense bend, scratch, and fire tests.

The tester goes by the name Jerry Rig Everything and this guy takes a new Galaxy S6 and proceeds to scratch on it with keys to start with. The guy scratches the keys back and forth on the screen of the smartphone for a few seconds continuously and no scratches at all resulted.

Even more intense scratching was attempted when he takes the point of a Phillips head screwdriver and purposefully tries to score the screen, but he is unable to do so. The Gorilla glass that Samsung uses is very strong. The final test of scratch resistance comes with the tip of a box cutter razor blade trying to etch the screen and still no scratches were made.

The guy then takes a lighter to the phone and is unable to mar the screen or melt the chassis with an open flame. He then moves to bend tests and the phone survives bending forward and backwards with no issues. The only time a bend is left in the phone is when the phone is bent backwards and twisted. A permanent bend and crease in the side resulted, but the smartphone still worked.