Samsung Galaxy S5 to benefit from wide-FOV LEDs

A number of LEDs have been introduced by Samsung today, the lot of which will almost certainly make their way into their next-generation smartphone release, the Samsung Galaxy S5. These components are headed off by a couple of what Samsung calls "Side View LEDs", rather long-looking components with an angle to them. Also included in this set are two reflector-integrated flash LED packages.

The Side View LEDs are working with "high brightness levels" as well as "high color reproducibility, working with less than 2.9 volts per unit. These units – two of them – are 0.6mm and 0.8mm in z-height, meaning they'll go great in slim devices. Samsung suggests these Side View LEDs will work in smartphones and tablets as well – the larger of the two, Samsung suggests, would go great in a tablet or notebook PC.

Another bit is the "standard flash LED 2016" which will work in next-wave smartphones working with a 40 percent improvement in color deviation over their previous model. This flash will go in a wide variety of smartphones on the middle or lower-end, more than likely.

Finally there's the reflector-integrated flash LED. This unit is suggested by Samsung to be headed to "high-end mobile devices", meaning we'll likely see it in their headliner Galaxy S5 – or the fabled enthusiast higher-end Galaxy S5+ (or whatever it'll be called, in metal). This LED works with smartphones with cameras with "a wider FOV".

"In recognition of such superb performance levels, the 3432 1.8t will be used in the next Galaxy smartphone, which is expected to be introduced later this month." – Samsung

With a wide field of view, cameras attached to Samsung devices will need light for coverage. This unit reflects light and enhances its own payload with its own optics and diffusion features.

We'll be seeing each of these units embedded in devices as early as Mobile World Congress 2014, which starts this weekend! We'll be headed out on Friday and you'll be able to catch SlashGear getting up close and personal with mobile devices and accessories all next week!