Samsung Galaxy S4 will stick to plastic design

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has been reported to be made up of the plastic aesthetics that Samsung loves so much. This may be a disappointment to many consumers who love the aluminium designs that are featured on phones like the iPhone 5 or the HTC One. It definitely gives it that high-end, premium feel that devices with those price tags are supposed to feel like. Of course, despite the plastic outer-body, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will definitely be a high-end device.

Y.H. Lee, Executive VP of Samsung's mobile division, spoke with CNET about the Samsung Galaxy S IV's plastic design. She stated that when considering the design of its phones, Samsung also takes into consideration the manufacturing efficiency for its devices. Samsung is expecting to sell over 100 million of its Samsung Galaxy S IV devices this year, so it needs to be able to mass produce them as quickly as possible.

Even though the outer-body may be made of plastic, it's still very durable, being able to absorb more impact compared to other devices made up of different material. Samsung says that it's because the plastic battery cover is more durable and bendable compared to the other options. It also says that the plastic battery cover is removable, which is a feature that many users look for. Many consumers complain about phones that don't have removable battery, which poses a problem to people who need to do the occasional "battery pull" to restart their devices. It also is a bummer for people who need an extended battery to keep their phone alive throughout the day.

The plastic design may be a little deterring for some, but so far its been working well with Samsung's premium line-up of smartphones. Samsung is also thinking ahead and anticipating the high volumes of sales it should be receiving for its new flagship device. We all know that not planning ahead can lead to lots of shortages and lots of angry customers. Here's looking at you LG and the Nexus 4.

[via Android Community]