Samsung Galaxy S smartphone series ships over 100 million units

When it comes to Android smartphones, Samsung has some the most popular with its line of Galaxy S devices. The smartphones have been some of the most popular in the Android ecosystem since the original Galaxy S launched. Samsung has made an important announcement today concerning its Galaxy S line.

Samsung has announced that as of January 13, 2013 its Galaxy S series has surpassed 100 million units in sales. That sales figure counts the original Galaxy S, the Galaxy S II, and the Galaxy S III. Samsung says that the Galaxy S alone has sold over 24 million units globally.

That Galaxy S sales figure came during the first seven months it was available after launching in June of 2010. Samsung says that the Galaxy S II, which launched in April of 2011, has shipped about 40 million units. The S II sold 10 million units during the first five months of its availability.

The Galaxy S III launched in May of 2012 and sold 20 million units globally in only 100 days. That sales figure made the S III the fastest selling smartphone Samsung has ever offered. Since the S III launched the phone has sold 40 million units.