Samsung Galaxy S III to be updated with wireless charging and HD display

Samsung's Galaxy S III has sold massive quantities, hitting the 30 million mark back in November 2012. In light of this, the Korean company will be releasing an updated version of the handset, something it has done with other smartphones for smaller markets. The updated version will include, among other things, an HD display.

Samsung doesn't typically roll out updated versions of its handsets in the US, but given the Galaxy S III's rampant popularity, it would seem the company wants to take the device as far as it will go. Other handsets that have been revamped include the Galaxy S II Plus and the Galaxy S Advance back in 2012.

The information surfaced on Twitter courtesy of journalist Eldar Murtazin, who dropped a tweet with a few details earlier today and confirmed the Galaxy S III's impending revamp. Although it isn't an official statement, Murtazin has posted correct information in the past, including recently that the Galaxy S IV would be launched on March 14th in NYC.

According to a Google translation of the tweet, the refreshed Galaxy S III will feature an updated HD display, although it isn't definitive if it will be 1080p. The battery will also get a boost to a 2400mAh capacity, and even better will feature wireless charging, something that was supposed to be a regular feature for the handset. The updated handset is said to be slated for arrival after the S IV is unveiled.

[via Android Community]