Samsung Galaxy S III teardown exposed

Okay, so after months and months of hype – quite possibly even too much hype – the Samsung Galaxy S III is finally a known quantity. Of course there are some details that still have yet to be sewn up, but at least we're no longer holding our breath trying to figure out every little thing like if it's the Galaxy S III or the Galaxy S3. The one thing we really want to see, though, is what's really inside.

Enter iFixIt, one of the most popular resources for information about all the inner workings of the latest electronic devices. Apparently it was pretty easy for the folks over there to dig into it since the only things holding the phone together were standard screws. On the face of it, it's very similar to the Galaxy S II and the Galaxy Nexus.

However, there are a lot of components inside the frame that sits right below the motherboard. It also looks like the construction of the device is pretty easily understood, making it likely pretty easy to perform repairs and troubleshoot mechanical problems. In addition, this means that hardware modifications probably won't present much of a problem.

[via AndroidCommunity]