Samsung Galaxy S III modded for Touchstone charging

The last time we saw the Touchstone was for a modification involving the Nokia Lumia 800. That saw an enterprising modder hack the charging mechanism, enabling power to flow wirelessly when the phone was set down on the Touchstone. Will the same trick work with the Samsung Galaxy S III? As it turns out, yes. Samsung promised wireless charging at the Galaxy S III event back in May, but it's a long way off yet, so one owner decided to take matters into his own hands.

The YouTube video outlines the process in full. First, a proof of concept was used that saw leads connecting from the contact points in the Galaxy S III to the ones found on the Touchstone back cover for the Palm Pre. After that proved successful, R. Searley placed the necessary components inside the Galaxy S III for true wireless charging.

Everything seems to work fine, with a "wireless charging" message appearing on the phone once it's placed down on the Touchstone. The mod does add a bit of a bump to the back cover of the Galaxy S III, though, as there's barely any room in there to accommodate extra components. Still, it'll make a nice replacement until Samsung decides to release its own wireless charging solution, which has been delayed until later this year.

[via Register Hardware]