Nokia Lumia 800 mod enables Touchstone charging

We're unfortunately not quite at the point where wireless charging is a reality, but there have been some phones capable of sucking down power via induction, like the Palm Pre. With a little bit of modding know-how and hard work, one YouTube user has taken apart a Nokia Lumia 800 and added the ability to charge via Palm's Touchstone.

It doesn't look particularly easy, with some room having to be made to accommodate the copper wire that needs to be installed. Even the user found it difficult, noting that it took around 12 hours of experimenting before finally figuring out how to make the mod work. A minimal amount of metal inside the phone was removed in order to make the charge work, after which the conductive coil was taped inside the phone using electrical tape.

A little bit of soldering later (always a risky proposition when it comes to an expensive smartphone), the end result is a Nokia Lumia 800 that can be charged via the Touchstone. It looks like the receiver takes a couple of seconds to register the phone, but once it does, everything seems to work without issues.

Check the video below to see a more detailed look at the mod and the exact process.

[via My Nokia Blog]