Samsung Galaxy S III LTE USA editions official

Right alongside the original Galaxy S III announced for the international market here today, Samsung has announced the first USA version of the device with LTE. This device will work with LTE in one iteration and HSPA+ in another, this likely to hit Verizon as well as T-Mobile, AT&T more than likely in the pipeline as well. Have a peek at how the Samsung Galaxy S III is panning out so far below and get pumped up about the USA release!

This device is Samsung's new hero phone for the whole wide world, over in London today being announced with Samsung's own Exynos quad-core processor for ultimate processing power. Here in the USA we've heard that it may well have a dual-core processor instead, but no confirmation has been given by Samsung at the moment. Have a peek at what Samsung has revealed thus far on the USA release here:

"Samsung Mobile is planning a U.S. version of Galaxy S III, optimized for the fastest LTE and HSPA+ networks in the U.S., which will be available in the summer of 2012. Exact timing and retail channel availability is not being announced at this time. We believe the Galaxy S III is the most anticipated product in the 20-year history of Samsung Mobile; therefore, we will continue to share information as it becomes available." – Samsung

Then have a peek at the rest of our Samsung Galaxy S III content for today by heading to the timeline included below. You'll see everything from a hands-on with the Galaxy S III international edition to a hands-on with Flipboard upon it, no to mention the first comparison video between the Galaxy S III and the HTC One X on the web! Stick with us all day here on SlashGear for all the Galaxy S III you can handle!