Samsung Galaxy S III experiencing sudden bricking due to hardware issue

A horde of Samsung Galaxy S III owners have taken to Reddit and the XDA Developers forum to complain about sudden bricking that's happening to their phones, just a few months after buying them brand new. Users have been reporting that their phones simply won't turn on again after charging overnight or after the screen has been turned off.

Users are reporting that the mainboards are the root of the problem, and that the flash memory is becoming corrupted and failing. It's reported that Samsung is replacing them under warranty whether or not people have rooted the device or not, but it's said that the company is using the same revision of mainboards when replacing them, which may cause the phones to just experience the same problem again sometime down the line.

While this may not be a widespread issue that a lot of people should panic about, the Reddit thread already has 155 comments and over 350 points, and the thread on the XDA Developers forum has 65 pages of comments, suggesting that this is a topic well worth discussing, and that a widespread issue may be under way.

Samsung hasn't officially acknowledged the issue yet, but users who have sent their devices in for repair say they have been told by multiple employees that the issue appears to be happening to many people as of late. So while it seems it's an issue that Samsung will deal with, our guess is that they'll keep mum on the details of the situation.

[via Android Community]