Samsung Galaxy S III adds brightness toggle to notification area in OTA update

It wasn't that long ago that Samsung pushed out an OTA update for the Galaxy S III promising "improved stability", and now the company is pushing out another update with the same changelog. We just got notified of the update here on our Galaxy S III, with the package coming in at 72.68MB. As usual, the changelog is frustratingly vague, although we've managed to spot some changes.

Samsung has added a brightness toggle to the notification drawer, which is a much welcome addition. You'll now be able to adjust the brightness with a pull down of the notification bar, and the "Auto" setting is there if you don't want to constantly adjust it (although you might need to considering how aggressive the Auto setting is).

Other than that, there doesn't seem to be anything too earth shattering. One thing we wish Samsung would fix is the home screen redraw time after exiting out of apps. Sometimes it takes a few seconds to redraw all the apps and widgets you might have running, which can get somewhat frustrating after a while. It seems to be ever so slightly quicker with this new update, but we'll reserve judgement until we've spend more time with the phone.

Make sure to head into the Android settings to check for an update if you haven't already been notified. As usual, the update will vary in size depending on where you sourced your handset, and we imagine it will be staggered across unlocked and carrier models.