Samsung Galaxy S III accessories get early hands-on

Right here in the early Summer of 2012, the Samsung Galaxy S III has been revealed to the world, its accessories getting an early hands-on in Russia before the actual handset gets it's day in the sun. This device will be released soon, but its accessories have been made available in international markets first. What you're going to see in several videos here below, you'll find that the accessories are ready to go and will be making your whole Samsung Galaxy S III experience all the sweeter.

These videos come from MobileFun where they've gotten their hands – somehow or another – on each of these accessories before the big drop. First have a peek at the C-Pen. This pen is taking the abilities of the Samsung Galaxy Note's S-Pen and is putting it in a bit more form-fitting a package, with a diameter closer to a regular pen rather than the thinness of the Galaxy Note's solution.

Next have a peek at the Samsung Galaxy S III's Flip Cover. This cover is unique in that it actually replaces the back cover of the Samsung Galaxy S III and has a hinge which keeps the front cover in place. It's made of similar hard plastic that the rest of the Galaxy S III case is made of now, though if it's got the same HyperGlaze as the rest of the case is not quite known as of yet. We'll find out soon!

Finally have a peek at the Samsung Galaxy S III Holder and Battery Charger – what you've got here is a non-traditional way of working with charging your phone in that you're not charging the phone through the dock, you're holding it up. The battery in the Galaxy S III pops out and gets charged in the back of this dock instead. Interesting!

Finally check out the rest of our hands-on experiences in the timeline below. This device is about to take on the whole world for smartphone power prowess!