Samsung Galaxy S II I9101 surfaces, is this the NFC Galaxy S II?

We already know all there is to know about the currently available version of the Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone. We really like the device and we reviewed the S II back in April here on SlashGear. Some pics of a Galaxy S II smartphone with a new model number have now surfaced online leading us to wonder exactly what is different about the Galaxy S II I9101 in the photos here. Other than the model number of the phone, we know little about this new version.

We can hazard a guess that is very likely to be the correct one. We think that what we are seeing here is the new version of the Galaxy S II that will pack in NFC. Samsung has previously confirmed that a version of the S II will be coming to the UK with NFC onboard. We had wondered at the time that revelation was made if there would be two models on the market at once or if the NFC would just be added to new S II smartphone selling off the line.

This photo with a new model number seems to suggest that there will be two versions. However, we can't rule out that the new model number might eventually replace the existing model. The person that snapped the photos in the gallery offered no details on what hardware the phone was running. We figure it's identical to the current S II save for the NFC hardware.

[via Android Community]