Samsung Galaxy S II gets the Marshmallow treatment

People love to have the latest and greatest gadgets. If your phone is more than a year or two old, you might as well just throw it out, right? Actually, many phones still keep working long after the manufacturer stops supporting them. In fact, if you have an old Samsung Galaxy S II that you're still using, you can get a surprising new update for it.

The S II was a fantastic phone back in its day, but we're currently looking at the release of the S7. So many people might wonder why someone would still be using such an old device. Well, everyone's got their reason, and those S II owners will be happy to know that they can update to Marshmallow now.

Actually, you may have been able to update to Marshmallow at some point previously, but now there is an official CyanogenMod build for it. It's the nightly build, so it might not necessarily be a good idea to update right away, unless you're really chomping at the bit.

If you want to get your Google apps working, you'll need to flash this GApps zip package to do so.

VIA: AndroidPolice