Samsung Galaxy S 4G Hands-on via Android Community

Chris Burns - Feb 18, 2011
Samsung Galaxy S 4G Hands-on via Android Community

Android Community has their hands on the lovely new Samsung Galaxy S 4G here and while it’s definitely not revolutionary, it’s certainly evolutionary. This phone is essentially the original Samsung Galaxy S with a little Android 2.2 Froyo love flowing through its veins out of the box. What else could Samsung do to improve the undisputed best selling set of Android phones in the world? Not much. Wanna see what they DID do anyway? Let’s have a look.

Android Community’s not only got some lovely photos of this unit, they’ve continued our insertion of the cool Android toy series man, this one from the second series that’s not even out for sale yet! We picked up a few whilst out in Barcelona. This phone has HSPA+ support on T-Mobile’s USA network, has a very similar row of your usual touch-sensitive keys under the display, and comes with the ability to download Inception from a hub out of the box. So weird!

Galaxy S 4G comes with Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface, though we’re apt to switch to something like ADW Launcher asap as TouchWiz really isn’t our favorite. Have a look over at Android Community for a fuller look at the phone, and stay tuned there for a full review — we should be getting our unit for review any day now!

[via Android Community]

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