Samsung GALAXY S 4 pre-orders now live in the UK

Craig Lloyd - Mar 28, 2013
Samsung GALAXY S 4 pre-orders now live in the UK

We’re all waiting eagerly for Samsung’s new flagship smartphone to release into the ether, but it’s still a month away from its April 26 debut in the UK. However, Brits are now able to pre-order the GALAXY S 4 starting today at several wireless carriers and online retailers, including Amazon and Carphone Warehouse.

At Carphone Warehouse, you can pre-order the GALAXY S 4 off-contract for a steep £630. However, you can also grab the new phone from the retailer with a contract from either Orange, T-Mobile, or O2, which will obviously offset the cost of the device significantly, but you’ll have to sign away for a two-year contract in order to make that happen.

As for Amazon, you have your pick at a either a black or white version (same with Carphone Warehouse), both of which will cost the same £630 if you want to get it without a contract. With the pre-order, you’ll get £1 MP3 credit to use in Amazon’s MP3 Music Store. As for Unlocked Mobiles, you can grab a GALAXY S 4 for just £530, which is £100 cheaper than Amazon and Carphone Warehouse.

As for availability on other wireless carriers not mentioned, the GALAXY S 4 is available on EE, Vodafone, Three, and Virgin Mobile. EE seems like your best bet right now, as they’re the only carrier in the UK with a 4G LTE network. Of course, more wireless carriers in the UK will launch their own LTE network, but if you want LTE as soon as possible, EE is your only option right now.

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