Samsung GALAXY S 4 nabs its own Wireless Charging setup

This week the folks at Samsung have made good on their word of a Samsung GALAXY S 4 wireless charging solution, bringing it out with the Qi-standard for good measure. There's two pieces to this puzzle, the first being a Wireless Charging Pad, the second being a Wireless Charging Cover. These are being pushed separately for more than one reason, mind you.

When you've got the Wireless Charging Cover attached to the Samsung GALAXY S 4, the smartphone itself becomes capable of working with any Qi-enabled charging base. Devices like the DROID DNA from Verizon and the Nokia Lumia 920 came to the market with a big interest in wireless charging, thus bringing the Qi-standard to a head earlier this year. With samsung's Wireless Charging Cover for the GALAXY S 4, this smartphone can join in on the fun.

While the Charging Cover comes in Black or White at the moment, it's quite likely the color selections will expand as the smartphone is released in its many various shades – Brown, Red, Purple, whatever ends up appearing. The Wireless Charging Pad, on the other hand, looks to be offered in Gray and Gray only.

NOTE: Yes, these accessories will work with the Google Edition of the Samsung GALAXY S 4 as the technology is hardware-based and has nothing to do with Samsung's software additions.

The Charging Pad will run users $49.99 USD while the Wireless Charging Covers will cost $39.99 USD. This is just one of several covers offered by Samsung at the moment, Smart Covers and multicolored covers and protective covers all on their way. Have a peek at our Samsung GALAXY S 4 review for more information on this device and stay tuned for the wireless excellence to continue!

SOURCE: Samsung