Samsung Galaxy Note II rumored for October

The Samsung Galaxy Note is a curious device, with consumers and reviewers baffled by the large form factor. Still, the not-quite-a-phone not-quite-a-tablet managed to find an audience across the globe, with Samsung announcing at the beginning of the month that the company had sold 7 million units worldwide. What about the follow-up? According to MK Business News, the Galaxy Note II will feature an even larger screen.

The publication reports that the sequel will land in October, and feature a quad-core Exynos processor as well as an unbreakable plane display that will allow the device to be even thinner. Other specs are said to include a 12 megapixel camera, better battery life, and an improved build quality.

Sources also say that the screen on the Note II could possibly be larger than 5.3-inches, although one has to wonder where Samsung would draw the line before the device crosses over into full-blown tablet territory. Although we're referring to the sequel as the Galaxy Note II, MK Business News notes that the device wouldn't necessarily carry that name.

[via The Verge]