Samsung Galaxy Note II benchmark reveals quad-core CPU, 720p display

A report from DDaily last week indicated that the Galaxy Note II would debut on August 30th in Berlin before the start of IFA 2012. Now benchmarks for the handset have appeared on GLBenchmark, showing that the device will run a quad-core Exynos processor as rumored. The clock speed looks to be 1.6Ghz, 200Mhz higher than the quad-core CPU found in the Galaxy S III. That falls nicely in line with the clock speeds between the Galaxy S II and original Galaxy Note.

The dual-core processor found in the Galaxy S II was clocked at 1.2Ghz, while the Galaxy Note launched with a 1.4Ghz clock speed. The benchmarks (which have since been pulled) show the results of the slightly higher clock speed on the Galaxy Note II, with the device coming out slightly ahead of the Galaxy S III. GLBenchmark also indicates that the screen resolution will be 1280x720, marking a shift away from a 16:10 aspect ratio to 16:9. That would also account for rumors indicating the screen would be slightly larger at 5.5-inches without increasing the dimensions of the Note.

The Note II looks to be running Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box. Reports have suggested that the Note II will also feature an improved 8-megapixel camera, and a slightly change in design to bring it closer to the Galaxy S III. Samsung is hoping to unveil the device on August 30th in order to launch it ahead of the next iPhone. That should lead to a quicker release in the United States too, with the original Note featuring a large gap between the release of the international model and the American variants.

[via Phone Arena]