Samsung Galaxy Note headed to US, hits 1 million in sales globally

Samsung's larger than life smartphone known as the Galaxy Note isn't a smartphone at all but actually a phoneblet. After being unveiled at IFA it apparently has been selling like hotcakes even without launching in a wide array of markets. With no US launch yet, and only being on the market a few short months Samsung has confirmed sales are strong for this unconventionally sized device and they've already sold more than 1 million worldwide.

While our first impressions with the device were quite favorable, we were worried that the size would be too much to pocket but with the kind of sales it has already seen it's proven to be a surprise hit. Obviously the Note doesn't have Galaxy S II type sales numbers but then it's not on almost every carrier imaginable either. The beautiful and large display bundled with a phone, and a stylus has made this a bigger success than we originally thought. Our own Chris Davies loved the Galaxy Note and you can see his amazing pictures and thorough review in the timeline below.

With recent reports of an AT&T 4G LTE version headed to the US and clearing the FCC the wait shouldn't be much longer and today Samsung has apparently confirmed just that. Back in November they announced and showed off the beautiful white version with 4G LTE so things are starting to align for this phone/tablet hybrid.

The Samsung Galaxy Note is poised to do well as many Americans have been throwing their money at Samsung to get one even without a current US release. Enjoy our one of many hands-on videos below of the 5.3" AMOLED HD rocking device while we wait for some more details on US availability.

[via Android Community]