Samsung Galaxy Note 6 to return to the UK, Galaxy S7 edge+ out

The Galaxy S7 isn't even out yet, but here we are talking about the Galaxy Note 6 and Galaxy S6 edge+ already. The pair isn't even expected to appear until later this year at IFA 2016, but already they might be introducing heartaches, at least for those in the UK. Perhaps reeling from the "business decision" they made last year, Samsung is now rumored to be bringing the Galaxy Note 6 to the UK this time around. But in exchange, Samsung might actually be killing of the Galaxy S7 edge+ entirely.

Samsung's decision to exclude the UK from the markets that will be getting the current Galaxy Note 5 was one of the most inexplicable ones it ever made. It justified that move as a business decision based on market analysis, as if saying that a productivity oriented smartphone like the Galaxy Note 5 has no market in the UK. Instead, it decided to lean heavily on the its contemporary, the Galaxy S6 edge+, a decision that might have come back to bite it in the posterior.

According to an anonymous source, Samsung is reversing its course this time around. It will bring the Galaxy Note 6 to the UK, whatever form it will take. However, it will be the Galaxy S7 edge+ that will be making the exit this time around. The more pressing question is whether this is something just for the UK or on a more global scale.

While the Galaxy S6 edge itself was a hot item, the larger Galaxy S6 edge+ variant wasn't a huge seller in comparison. The source isn't clear on that point but reading between a few lines might already hint at the possibility of no Galaxy S7 edge+ anywhere at all. The Galaxy S7 is expected to be unveiled together with a Galaxy S7 edge like last year. The difference this time around is that the curved edge version will be around 5.5 inches, larger than the 5.2-inch Galaxy S7 but smaller than the usual 5.7 inches of a Galaxy Note.

If true, Samsung might be paving the way for an absence of the larger Edge model this year. Which is probably OK since market figures imply that no one will miss it.

SOURCE: Forbes