Samsung Galaxy Note 6 said to have 6GB RAM, 5.8-inch screen

Given how the Samsung Galaxy S7 has practically been leaked to death and how near we are to its unveiling, it is perhaps time to start warming up the rumor mill for things still far, far away. For example, perhaps it's time to speculate on the Galaxy Note 6, which is still a good half year away. According to this premature rumor, the S Pen powered phablet will actually increase in size, both in display with a 5.8-inch screen, as well as in RAM, with a whopping 6 GB.

Let's get the display out of the way first. A larger screen size may or may not actually be a bad thing, depending on how Samsung executes the intention. By now, a few device makers, including Samsung, have boasted about how they are able to cram a larger screen in the same or smaller size as an older model. A 5.8-inch display crammed into a the body of a Galaxy Note 5 might be possible. However, it would mean that, with the same 2560x1440 resolution, it would have a slightly lower pixel density. What that means in practice is something that has to be experienced first hand.

More curious, perhaps, is the 6 GB RAM claim. It was only last year that some, not even all, high end smartphones finally jumped onto the 4 GB RAM train so it almost makes no sense that we'd immediately see a 6 GB configuration. But then again, the Galaxy Note line has showcased Samsung's top of the line silicon more often than not. And, after all, this is Samsung we're talking about.

Perhaps the more important question is not whether it makes sense but whether it will have value if true. Computers use RAM to load and run programs rather than accessing them from internal storage, because RAM read/write operations are faster than disk. In general, the more RAM you have, the more breathing room both the OS and apps have to run smoothly.

On a desktop or laptop computer, One can almost never have too much RAM. But mobile platforms and apps are designed from the get go to be more efficient when it comes to resources, like memory, and do not usually consume or require as much RAM or processing power. Of course, there are exceptions but, as the name says, they aren't the norm. For now, there are few mobile apps that would require inordinate amounts of memory. Those could come in the future, but not soon. (On the other hand, a setup like Maru OS running a full Linux OS inside definitely benefits from this much RAM).

The rest of the rumored specs aren't as sensational but are nonetheless still admirable. A fast 64 of 128 GB of storage, an S Pen with 1,024 levels of pressure, a 12 megapixel camera with "Super OIS Plus", and two models with different processors. Curiously, no microSD card slot in sight, which doesn't bode well for this rumor.

VIA: Weibo