Samsung Galaxy Note 4 starts pre-orders in UK, China

JC Torres - Sep 17, 2014, 5:00 am CDT
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 starts pre-orders in UK, China

If you’re dying to get your hands on Samsung‘s latest contraption, better keep holding your breath. That is, unless you’re a resident of the UK or China. The two countries have officially started the pre-order season for the Galaxy Note 4, courtesy of Clover in the UK and JD in China.

Whether you’re a fan of Sammy or not, the Galaxy Note 4 has some of the best feature sets in the Android smartphone world. That is, if you can get past the 5.7-inch size and TouchWiz, which others have taken to be synonymous to “bloat”. That screen size does, however, bear a QHD resolution, which makes it quite ideal for many visual things. The phablet also boasts one of the fastest, at least based on AnTuTu scores, processors around, the Exynos 5433. And while the jump in software features isn’t as phenomenal as the Galaxy Note 3’s, the speed and tilt tracking on the new S Pen puts it on the same level as professional digital tablets.

And then, of course, there is that equally expensive and even more eccentric Galaxy Note 4 “accessory”: the Gear VR. It might be safe to say that there will be those who will be buying the phablet just because of the VR headset. The Samsung Gear VR might very well be the start of the commercialization of virtual reality gaming and experience that Oculus and its proponents have been dreaming of. Or it could also prove to be a commercial failure, which could set that subsection of the industry back a few years.

While the availability of the Gear VR is still shrouded, the Galaxy Note 4’s arrival is all but revealed. Clover is selling it for ₤479.17 ($781) or ₤575 ($937) inclusive of VAT, with a note that stocks won’t start getting filled until October 13. Almost half-way around the world is selling the phablet for 5,199 RMB or roughly $846. Pre-order period for the retailer starts today and ends September 25. September 26, the retailer will start selling the Galaxy Note 4, which could hint that a global launch of the phablet could take place on that day as well.

SOURCE: Clover, JD (1), (2)

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