Samsung Galaxy Nexus will hit Sprint April 15 says rumor

Mark Raby - Mar 19, 2012
Samsung Galaxy Nexus will hit Sprint April 15 says rumor

The latest entry in what is the closest to being “the official” Android product line will be available on a new carrier less than a month from now. That is to say, Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus phone, which Google had an active hand in developing, will be losing its Verizon exclusivity and moving to the Sprint network on April 15, complete with the ability to connect to the new carrier’s 4G LTE infrastructure.

That infrastructure, it should be noted, is almost completely undeveloped, but Sprint is making progress in rolling out the new standard in high-speed mobile data throughout its nationwide spectrum. For Sprint, it’s a tough move because it was only a couple years ago that the company fully deployed its previous 4G network, based on Wimax connecivity, which is now seen as obsolete.

Nevertheless, Sprint has given in to the rest of the industry and is now building an LTE network from the ground up. Along with soon-to-be blazing fast connectivity, the Sprint version of the Galaxy Nexus will also bring Google Wallet to the tablet, something the current version of the device does not because Verizon has a conflict of interest in another mobile payment provider, Isis. But Sprint will be able to offer the complete Google Wallet package, available out of the box when the Galaxy Nexus launches on its network.

[via GigaOM]

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