Samsung Galaxy Gear commercial implies a love interest with every smartwatch

Buckle your boots. You're in for the rad-est, snowboarding-est, most gratuitously romantical tech gear commercial you've ever seen. Samsung just released a commercial for its Galaxy Gear smartwatch that will make your heartstrings shudder. It's in fine keeping with the recent tech gear marketing trend of stopping just one nanometer short of directly shouting to the male segment, "This gadget will get you the girl!"

The commercial depicts a male snowboarder with a smartphone, a female snowboarder, and another male snowboarder with a Galaxy Gear. Guess who gets the girl. Hey, the snowboarding scenes are pretty sharp-looking. Check it out:

The commercial dropped just four days before Christmas. The production comes out of Samsung's estimated USD $14 billion advertising and marketing budget for the year 2013, according to Reuters. The $227 billion company (market value) spent $4.3 billion just on ads in 2012 — four times the amount spent by Apple, even though its global brand value is twice as big as Samsung's. Still, with $9.6 billion in operating profit in just Q3 2013, Samsung can afford to blow a little scratch on a cheesy advertising adventure.

The Galaxy Gear is the most well known of smartwatches — and make no mistake, it is arguably a very worthy wearable — but it is far from alone in the marketplace nor is it necessarily the best smartwatch for every user. Among the contenders are the Pebble, Sony's Smartwatch 2, Google's newly acquired WIMM watch, and Qualcomm's Toq. Check out SlashGear's Chris Burns' rundown of these smartwatch offerings for a quick comparison.

SOURCE: Samsung Mobile