Samsung Galaxy F tipped to be the foldable phone series

JC Torres - Nov 1, 2018, 11:11 pm CDT
Samsung Galaxy F tipped to be the foldable phone series

There’s no stopping the arrival of foldable phones, whether you like it or not (and some don’t) and whether they make sense or not (and some really don’t). Even before Samsung has its turn next week, a Chinese company already called dibs on the first foldable phone. That said, that’s not going to be a problem for the Korean manufacturer if details of this alleged Galaxy F series of foldable phones are indeed what they claim to be.

The name and trademark for Galaxy F came up quite a while ago and considering the “F” letter, it was immediately associated with a foldable phone. Of course, it could also be for something else, given how Samsung’s naming schemes don’t always make sense. Samsung supposedly still has a gaming phone in the works, so that’s also a possibility.

SamMobile’s data seems to go more in the direction of a foldable phone series though. It was able to get model numbers SM-F900U, SM-F900N, and SM-F900F which could hint at a lot of things. For one, the suffixes could mean that it’s going to be available internationally as well.

The “900” part of the model number also suggests that this will be part of Samsung’s high-end 2018 lineup. The Galaxy S9 is the SM-G960 while the Galaxy Note 9 is the SM-N960. This first Galaxy F smartphone is expected to have 512 GB of storage and, perhaps only in some markets, have dual SIM support. That also suggests the phone will cost quite a lot, which shouldn’t be surprising.

A specific firmware, with version number F900USQU0ARJ5, is reportedly being tested in the US and is suggested to have been developed mostly in the country as well. This would give credence to earlier reports of Samsung working closely with Google to develop a custom version of Android specifically for this unconventional Android device.

The appearance of the Royale FlexiPai has definitely drummed up the hype even higher for foldable phones. And it’s not just Samsung either. Aside from Huawei and Lenovo, LG is also said to be playing that game as well with a foldable phone to reveal at CES 2019 in two months.

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