Samsung Galaxy Chromebook will hit shelves next week

The past weeks have been difficult for everyone around the world and consumer electronics companies are no exception. Apple has had to make adjustments to its supplies and even repair programs while Samsung has reportedly seen dismal sales for its Galaxy S20 flagship phones. That, however, isn't stopping companies from pushing out their products, whether or not people will be able to pick them up anyway. Like the shiny new Samsung Galaxy Chromebook that will be marching to stores next Monday.

Chromebooks started out as cheap (not always in a good sense) cloud-centric laptops but they have slowly grown out of those beginnings. That said, only a few can actually be considered notable as far as features go, at least enough to compete with their Windows rivals for attention. There is Google's line of Pixel Chromebooks, of course, but few OEMs have consistently put out high-end, not to mention expensive, Chromebooks like Samsung has.

The latest in that product line is the Galaxy Chromebook announced at CES 2020. In addition to its head-turning red color, the device boasted of a 10th gen Intel Core processor, not some Celeron or Pentium, and a built-in stylus you can hide inside the laptop's body. It also has a 13.3-inch 4K OLED screen which is virtually unheard of for Chromebooks.

That comes at a price, of course, but the $999 price tag puts it in direct competition with Google's high-end Chromebooks. Only ASUS's upcoming Chromebook Flip C436, however, is able to undercut it in price at the expense of some features. Some, however, might still find that price difficult to justify.

It really boils down to the operating system, Chrome OS in this case. While the Galaxy Chromebook's hardware shines brightly, its appeal may fall flat on all but the staunchest Chrome OS user. This latter group can pick up the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook starting April 6 from Samsung or Best Buy.